KCRC Tai Po Market

Tai Po, Hong Kong

The MTR Corporation has undertaken extensive upgrading of its commercial element and station at Tai Po Market facilities.

Sustainable Design Integration
The roofs of the existing station were designed and landscaped. The principle benefits of the green roofs in economic, environmental and social terms are threefold: Firstly, the green roofs provide a high level of thermal insulation to the buildings. This is expected to result in a saving of HK$1.2 million in the electrical consumption annually and by enhancing the building energy performance by 15% in total. Secondly, the green roofs provide a good sound baffle and thereby providing a significant reduction in indoor noise levels. Thirdly, the green roofs reduces the heat island effect in the surrounding and enhance greatly the cityscape visually providing aesthetic enjoyment especially to the passengers at platform level who have full views of the green roof areas.



Project Architect




MTR Corporation Limited