Core value

From the very beginning, Leigh & Orange has rested upon four solid principles that could be described as our core values. Through the decades these have underscored the success of Leigh & Orange and sustained our unique position as one of the most widely respected and time-honoured architectural practices in Asia. These can be summarised as Integrity, Humanity, Creativity, and Sustainability. Even as the manifestation of these principles has evolved over time, their fundamental meaning and importance to all of our talented staff has remained constant.

INTEGRITY is being true to ourselves by being true to our clients. This means maintaining always a professional and collaborative attitude and consistently delivering beyond expectations. It is the highest aspiration a firm can hold, and never losing sight of it has rewarded Leigh & Orange with the honour of being in the Top 50 International Architectural Practices for the past ten years.

Across our offices in Asia and the Middle East, the wonderful L&O team of more than 300 professionals values HUMANITY within the working environment. This allows international and multicultural talents to grow and develop their professional careers within a nurturing and challenging company context. Each of our projects, no matter the scale, is designed by people and for people.

CREATIVITY is the soul of every idea which translates not only into design, but also drives the pursuit of solutions to simple or complex problems. Whether focusing on Master-planning, Urban Design, Architectural or Interior Design, the firm always brings new vision in order to refine the art of problem solving.

The SUSTAINABILITY of every project is something we would not overlook. It is applied to buildings, but is also understood as the responsibility to empower people, to grow the company and to help build a sustainable society. This approach has been acknowledged with over 40 International Awards for architectural design along with numerous BEAM and LEED qualifications in the last five years.

Within Leigh & Orange, these four core values are inseparable and profoundly interconnected. They will always remain at the centre of what the firm does. Therefore the Principals of Leigh & Orange are proud to say they are, and will always be:

“Inspired by Humanity, Sustained by Creativity.”