Nov 2020

Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainability Built Environment 2020


L&O has 4 projects, a research study and a community engagement programme featured in the Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Built Environment 2020 (Hong Kong Report 2020), as part of our ongoing efforts in achieving a more sustainable built environment.

Published every three years, the Hong Kong Report provides an overview of the current state of Hong Kong’s built environment, featuring over 100 outstanding projects and case studies on Hong Kong’s latest green building development, demonstrating collective efforts and achievements between the Government, the industry, the academic sector and the community.

To know more about our sustainable projects and works, please download the report here.

• L&O Inspiring Youth Programme P.71
• Water Supplies Department Tin Shui Wai Building P.98-99
• HKSTP InnoCell Residential Institution P.140-141
• Proposed Student Residence Development P.148-149
• Chung Chi Student Development Complex P.158-159
• Relocatable Housing Using Modular Integrated Construction P. 202

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