Jan 2024

L&O (China) and Principal Director Kelvin Li, honoured with prestigious titles at the ‘2023 China Economic Forum and Annual Conference


We are delighted to announce that Leigh & Orange (China) and our Principal Director, Mr. Kelvin Li, have been honoured with prestigious titles at the ‘2023 China Economic Forum and the 21st Annual Conference of Economic Figures in China.’

Leigh & Orange (China) has been recognised as the ‘2023 China Economic Innovative Enterprise’, while Mr. Kelvin Li has been bestowed with the title of ‘2023 China Economic Innovative Figure’. This esteemed event took place in Beijing, China, on 14th January 2024 and was jointly organised by the China-Asia Economic Development Association and the Global Times. It brought together distinguished guests, including leaders from government ministries, authoritative experts, industry elites, and business leaders.

The forum, themed ‘New Technology, New Industries, New Models,’ aimed to foster collaboration among innovative forces within the business community and provided an insightful outlook for the future. Notably, a series of awards were presented to outstanding enterprises and leaders who have made remarkable contributions to China’s economy, including The Top 10 Leading/Innovative Enterprises, The Top 500 Brands in Technological Innovation, and the Innovative Enterprises.

As one of the earliest architectural design firms from Hong Kong to provide professional services in mainland China, Leigh & Orange remains unwaveringly committed to making ongoing contributions to the societal development.

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