Dec 2023

L&O GreenWell Studio Achieves Platinum Rating under BEAM Plus BI V2.0 Beta Version


We are delighted to announce that our new office, the L&O GreenWell Studio, has achieved Platinum rating under the BEAM Plus Interiors v2.0 Beta Version. This project recognises the meticulous design approach that creates a sustainable and healthy workspace. It showcases a low-carbon design and culture, prioritising the well-being and comfort of all employees.

The L&O GreenWell Studio has been thoughtfully designed to promote well-being, collaboration, and interaction among employees. We have incorporated a beautifully designed communal area, perfect for gatherings and fostering a sense of community. Natural light floods the space, while ergonomic furnishings ensure comfort during extended work hours. We have also utilised upcycled local materials and applied energy conservation design and environment-friendly materials, demonstrating our environmental responsibility and support for local businesses and the community.

The project has achieved Excellent Class for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification, prioritising employees’ health through superior ventilation and air purification. Dedicated baby-care room, dining spaces, and multifunctional event spaces have been included to enhance employees’ well-being and convenience.

Our aim is not only to create a sustainable and healthy workspace within the L&O GreenWell Studio but also to inspire our colleagues to embrace a greener and healthier lifestyle both within and outside the office environment, for ourselves and the community.

Congratulations to the project team!

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