The Extension of The People’s Hospital of Futian

Shenzhen, China

Envisioned as a hospital within a park, the extension of The People’s Hospital of Futian in Shenzhen, China, endeavours to integrate a world-class hospital in service, medical research and its surrounding community in an urban park environment. A minimum of 1,000 beds will be provided by the extension and renovation of the existing hospital, with a total GFA of 138,945sqm. The project is expected to achieve the Grade 3A national hospital standard.

The overall development comprises three major portions: an existing 23-storey Surgery and Outpatient Building, a new 44-storey International Medical Centre and a new 22-storey International Medical Exchange Centre, all of which are arranged along a narrow site from north to south and directly connected by the elevated multi-level linkage with major lobbies and amenities. A vast landscape park on the eastern side is the major element infiltrated throughout the design. The green and open nature of the landscape serves as a public space and a way-finding device for the patient and visitors, guiding them to different levels of elevated linkage where inpatient reception lobby, specialty outpatient department and restaurants are located.

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Project Size

GFA: 138,900sqm

Date of Completion



The People’s Government of Futian District, Shenzhen


2015 International Academy Awards Highly Commended Future Healthy Built Environment Project
2014 World Architecture Festival Award - Category Winner (Health – Future Projects)