Studio City Heart-of-House

Taipa, Macau

This Heart-of-House is located on the podium ground floor of the Leisure Resort and is organised into 2 main areas:-

  1. Staff facilities which include the entrance, corridors, recruitment centre, HR concierge, dining area, staff break and the recreation area
  2. Office, meeting rooms and training rooms

The overall design concept for all these areas has a similar cinematographic theming approach as per the rest of the main public spaces, although each space has a very particular and distinctive character on its own.

In some cases, it relates to the movie and drama of the Hollywood and Asian dreams and celebrities. The interiors are decorated with movie elements in Art Deco motif which remarkably capture the opulence and glamour of the golden era.

The staff facilities are specially designed so the Casino staff members can actively feel the participants of the Casino operations as if a movie shooting is taking place. This idea drives all design decisions throughout the Heart-of-House.

Ultimately, the interiors recreate a movie-studio-like setting with spotlights, stage, graphics, artwork, banners and the ‘Hall of Fame’.

In some other areas such as offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, staff toilets and locker room, a more studio contemporary ambience, together with green approach and sustainability considerations, is adopted in order to fulfil the specific needs and clients’ high expectations.

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