Lei Tung Station, MTR South Island Line

Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Lei Tung Station is the second last station of the South Island Line (East), located at Lei Tung Estate through to Ap Lei Chau Main Street. It is one of the deepest stations in Hong Kong constructed at 60 metres below ground. The station is designed to improve the means of transport within Lei Tung area, and to provide a covered pedestrian access for local residents travelling between the Lei Tung Estate to Ap Lei Chau Main Street and sea front areas.

For the convenience of passengers, four high speed lifts are fitted at the entrance of Lei Tung Estate as the vertical distance to the Station Concourse is almost 50 metres. From the Station Concourse, there is also an underground adit connection directly to the Ap Lei Chau Main Street.

As part of MTR ‘s ongoing railway development strategy, orange was selected as the main colour. It is featured prominently throughout the station, from the interior wall cladding to external glass façade. Also, there are a number of artworks installed to make the station brighter, and livelier. For example, an iconic wall art is displayed at the main entrance, which depicts local culture and the history of Hong Kong, with dragon boat and lantern festival elements.


Architectural Designer


CFA: 100,000sqm




MTR Corporation Limited