LetsRun Park

Yeongcheon, Korea

The LetsRun Park Yeongcheon creates a unique destination that brings together the excitement and thrills of modern theme parks together with the passion and traditions of thoroughbred horse racing thus marrying together the entertainment cultures of today with a classical sport that goes back in history for several centuries.

The aim is to create a complex which appeals to both adults and children alike foster a greater understanding between horses and people, is educational, and provides a venue which families can safely have fun, enjoy nature and help to promote thoroughbred horse racing in a more enlightened and holistic setting and environment.

Our approach was to take the long-term view and ensure that the Korea Racing Authority has a facility that it can still be proud of in 50 years’ time.

Our design creates the stage on which both the racecourse and the theme park and their supporting facilities can flourish and operate in harmony to not only entertain and educate but to help to develop a horse culture among the people of Korea.

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Design Architect

Project Size

GFA: 20,000sqm

Date of Completion



Korea Racing Authority


2016 International Competition for Horse Park in Yeongcheon, Korea - Honourable Mention