Metro Line 5 Erjiangsi Station TOD Project

Chengdu, China

Like many other Chinese cities, Chengdu is in full swing in rail transit development. Having the forth longest metro lines mileage in China, Chengdu is going to take a further step towards synchronizing property and rail transit developments. Considering L&O’s vast experience in TOD projects, Chengdu Metro City Development Group invited L&O to develop an integrated TOD design for Erjiangsi station of metro Line 5. The project is located at the junction of Jiannan Road and Chuangshun Road. It covers 28,154sqm of site area, with building height limit of 100m and a total gross floor area of 59,718sqm including 12,084sqm above and below ground retail, and 4 blocks of 50,834sqm residential high-rise.

In the vicinity, population is large, but provision of public gathering space for the neighborhoods was hardly envisioned. This project is to formulate a circulation system for the population commuting to and from the metro station, and hence to create a district center en route. This is a place for the public, for social and community activities. The circulation system spreads out in multi-levels, it connects the metro station in the basement, bus stop on grade, and viewing platforms at Level 2 & 3 to capture the park view to the east. The project is to showcase the use of TOD for channeling people and activities, and hence to create a neighborhood with vibrant flavor which is indispensable in establishing the sense of place for the community.

Project commenced in mid-2019 and anticipated completion is in 5 years’ time frame.

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GFA: 59,718sqm

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