Metro Lines 9 & 20 Linjiaba Station TOD Project

Chengdu, China

The project is located in Jinjiang District of Chengdu, within the Panjiagou area, south of Jinjiang Avenue and west of Huangjinglou Road. The metro station Linjiaba at the center will be the interchange station of metro Line 9 and Line 20.

This TOD study circumscribes a district within 1km walking distance from Linjiaba metro station. The overall site area is 1,096,374sqm, with a total gross floor area of 1,613,868sqm including offices, commercial, hotels, residential and communal facilities. By implementing the principles of TOD integrated design, the project reconfigures each land plot size and profile, and reshuffles the disposition of uses and programs. The design aims at maximizing the development potential and land use efficiency of each plot of lands by exploring the full advantage of the population influx brought in by the metro system.

A pair of bisecting criss-cross axis pivoted at the center is the main urban intervention. The axis are the major routes connecting to-&-from the metro center, and also they are the spines anchored with varies programs and activities, adding vibrant flavors to the district. Within the 200m from the metro station, the design concentrates most of the commercial activities to create a high-density district center, and this is this center structures the heart of the district – giving the neighborhoods a sense of place.

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GFA: 1,613,868sqm

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