Polar Adventure, Ocean Park Summit

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

To create an immersive, thrilling and educational encounter with animals and habitats of the Polar Regions for the Ocean Park visitor, Polar Adventure includes exhibits replicating the natural environments of both the North and the South Pole. Not only seeing the animals of the polar regions but also being exposed to the temperatures and daily struggles of researchers working in these areas will give the guest a sense of wonder and awe of these frozen lands.

While guests will be introduced to the many magnificent creatures of the Poles, for example, penguins, belugas, seals and walrus, they will also experience the things that make this region so difficult to live and work in, cold temperatures, ice, snow and the rugged terrain. It is hoped that the guest will develop a better understanding of these habitats and the environmental threats facing them as well as having an exciting and fun time.

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Project Architect, Authorized Person, Lead Consultant

Project Size

GFA: 17,000sqm

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Ocean Park Corporation


2013 International Property Awards (Asia Pacific) – Highly Commended Leisure Architecture Hong Kong
2012 MIPIM Asia Special Jury Award