Qianhai CTF Finance Tower

Shenzhen, China

Located in Qianhai, Shenzhen, the mixed-use development features two office towers: the CTF Finance Tower / K11 Atelier, a landmark office standing at approximately 220m in the north and a headquarters office of around 130m in the south, located on a podium with shops, F&B, exhibition areas, green terraces and community facilities. The total accountable GFA is approximately 170,000 sqm, with a total CFA of 244,000 sqm. Visitors from the subway station will arrive directly via the basement: bridges and walkways traverse L1, L2 and L3, linking to the development of cultural venues, community facilities and bus terminals. This brings a transformative and invigorating life to the neighbourhood.

The interlocking massing of the towers creates a variety of recessed spaces for greenery and balconies, with contrasting views enhancing the richness and characteristics of the architectural design. In addition to the sky gardens and terraces, the partially curved envelope echoes the surroundings and creates a unique image of the towers. “Brise soleil” on the façade will reduce the towers’ energy consumption. A high-performing IGU curtain wall system maximises views towards the bay, and the operable windows will encourage natural ventilation.

Walking through “Park in the Valley”, visitors will notice the rich palette of materials – timber, stone and glass lavishly applied in this new urban oasis. Art integration is a proud expression of K11 Atelier’s commitment to culture and creativity, with the triple-height lobby of the CTF Finance Tower designated as an exhibition venue.

Interior Design
The nature-inspired interior concept for Qinghai CTF Finance Tower is a harmonised design marriage between the continuation of the ‘Park in the Valley’ architectural theme of bringing the natural environment into the interior spaces with the combination of adopting K11 Atelier office concept of integrating innovation, art and commerce. By blending these elements seamlessly, we aim to create a dynamic work environment that empowers the next-generation workforce to unleash their full creative potentials and thrive in a harmonious and inspiring setting.

Integrating the concept of biophilic design, our vision for the office building embraces the innate connection between humans and nature. Abundant natural light floods the interior spaces, while carefully curated greenery and natural materials create a soothing ambience. By incorporating elements of nature, we aim to enhance the well-being and productivity of the workforce, promoting a sense of calm, inspiration, and harmony with the surroundings.

Art integration serves as a visual expression of K11 Atelier’s commitment to culture and creativity. Curated art installations and displays are strategically placed throughout the interior spaces, acting as catalysts for inspiration and imagination. By supporting emerging artists and showcasing their work, we aim to create an environment that reflects the rich artistic heritage of K11 Atelier and stimulates the creative spirit of its occupants.

We recognise the importance of employee well-being. Our design includes dedicated wellness facilities within the office building, such as club space, multi-function hall and staff canteen. These amenities prioritise the physical and mental well-being of employees, fostering a healthy work-life balance and contributing to overall satisfaction and productivity.

Our Services

Design Architect, Project Architect

Project Size

GFA: 170,000sqm

Date of Completion



NW Project Management (HK) Limited


2023 Outstanding Property Award London – Winner (Architecture Design-Mixed-Use)
2023 Architecture MasterPrize – Honorable Mention in Architectural Design-Mixed Use Architecture)
2023 Better Future Hong Kong Design Awards - Silver Award
2020 China Green Building Design Label (3-Star Rating)
2018 LEED-C&S [v3] Gold Pre-certification
2018 LEED-C&S [v3] Gold Pre-certification (Tower 2)
2018 WELL [v1] Gold Pre-certification (Tower)
2018 WELL [v1] Gold Pre-certification (Retail Podium)