Qianhai CTF Finance Tower

Shenzhen, China

Located in Qianhai, Shenzhen, the mixed-use development will feature two office towers – a 220m tall landmark office on the north and a 130m tall headquarters office on the south, sitting on top of a terracing podium with lofts studios, retail shops, F&B, exhibition area, green terraces and community facilities. Total accountable GFA of the development is approximately 170,000sqm.

Taking “Park in the Valley” as the theme, the design creates dynamic layers of green terraces along the two sides of the central podium valley where these organic balconies are allowed to grow up to the office tower above, creating a unique and yet iconic public landmark in the area.

This project attempts to redefine new values for commercial space by fusing art and nature with retail space, and transform traditional shopping mall into stages, galleries and gardens. The design also explores the idea of creative office space which encourages communication and sharing at work, and includes lofts, a conference centre and a clubhouse as signature space for the office users.

Our Services

Design Architect, Project Architect

Project Size

GFA: 170,000sqm

Date of Completion



NW Project Management (HK) Limited


2020 China Green Building Design Label (3-Star Rating)
2018 LEED-C&S [v3] Gold Pre-certification
2018 LEED-C&S [v3] Gold Pre-certification (Tower 2)
2018 WELL [v1] Gold Pre-certification (Tower)
2018 WELL [v1] Gold Pre-certification (Retail Podium)