Nanjing G114 Mixed-use Development

Nanjing, China

This project is located in Jiangning District of Nanjing with a site area of 63,489sqm. The GFA above ground is 126,978sqm while below ground is 52,000sqm. The development includes 88,885sqm of residential area; 33,393 sqm of commercial space, a 900sqm community centre and a 1,800sqm kindergarten.

The site is defined into three zones with three main internal retail streets leading to the central plaza. The three storey shopping mall is situated abut the overground light rail station to the east. The bridge on L2, acts as an elevated entrance which helps to draw visitors directly from the station to the main shopping area. With the four sides of the sites are various in levels, there are multiple entrances and streets levels to the development, which in turn increases the shop frontage and accessibilities. The residential areas are separated by the central plaza and divided into two zones, the north and south zone. The north zone comprises two residential towers and the south zone has five towers. While the residential towers façade emphasizes on verticality, the podium on horizontality, such design approach compliments each other and forms a harmonious entity.

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Site Area: 63,489sqm

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