Qianhai MUCFC Headquarters

Shenzhen, China

The project site is 7,155sqm, with a height limit of 180m. The total above ground GFA is 75,000sqm while the basement GFA is 23,400sqm. In addition to headquarters office space, it also comprises programs of retail, F&B, a fitness center, co-work facilities, multi-function rooms, and leasable office space.

With an average employee and customer age of 28 & 30 respectively, MUCFC is a company full of vitality & energy, and this is where our design begins. At the podium, a “Loop” has been introduced to tie up the office tower and the commercial podium. The “Loop” is a platform that allows the community to interact with the corporate, it houses the corporate gallery, co-op facilities, co-work space and a running track on its roof. As for the office space in the tower, a side-core layout has been decided. On one hand, it helps to block the undesired view due to the close proximity of the west side neighbor, at the same time it maximizes the office span. Together with the internal sky gardens on every 3-floor, the long office space span allows more flexibility and possibility which are the keys for adaption to the future. For the headquarters at zone 4, in additional to the standard work space, a variety of breakout, interactive and collaboration spaces have been introduced alongside sky terraces and inter-floor staircases. These informal work spaces are the houses of the corporate’s creativity and imagination.

The tower comprises of 4 staggering boxes to give identity to each of the 4 office-community zones. On the façade, apart from Low-e IGUs and glass-to-wall ratio control, a number of sustainability features have been considered. With both horizontal and vertical shading devices, and external light shelves, the façade on one hand minimizes excessive heat gain and glare in the summer time, but at the same time it diverts more sunlight into the deeper space of the office. In addition, on the building envelop, a 1.8m wide operable window has been integrated in each IGU in order to promote natural ventilation which is paramount for buildings in the southern part of China. At zone 4, the headquarters, the envelope has been opened up on the east to reveal the very heart of the corporate to the city, while this is symbolic, it undoubtedly reiterates the MUCFC theory about business transparency to the Shenzhen public.

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