Qianhai NCL Headquarters

Shenzhen, China

The NCL Headquarters is located in Guiwan District of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone. The project site is 6,617sqm, with a height limit of 180m. The total above ground GFA is 65,400sqm, it includes a 39-storey office tower, a 3-storey podium of retail and communal facilities.

With respect to the visual corridor to the north, the tower has been set back from the north boundary by 50m. Within the set back zone, a by-pass driveway has been located bisecting the retail podium and the office tower, minimizing the extent of road in this small plot of land.

The office tower is sitting on stilts over a garden. It not only creates a park environment for the office, but also promotes interaction with the public. For the office space design, a side-core layout has been adopted. On one hand, it helps to block the undesired views to its close neighbor to the east. On the other hand, it maximizes the office span at the north, west and south sides where sea views are more readily to be enjoyed. In addition, terraces at the north and south elevations and internal sky gardens on every 2 to 3 floors on the west side have been integrated, these not only promotes green working environment, but also allow more layout flexibility for future market adaptation.

For the headquarters at the mid zone, in additional to the standard work space, a variety of breakout, interactive and collaboration spaces have been introduced alongside sky terraces and inter-floor staircases, and these informal work spaces are the houses of the corporate’s creativity and imagination.

The façade design is always responsive to sustainability issues. The glass panes on the west elevation together with the help of vertical shading fins, have been rotated toward north by 15 degrees, so as to maximize sea views while minimize the solar heat gain of the hot summer sun of Shenzhen.

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GFA: 65,400sqm

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