Raycom City

Hefei, China

Located within the new Economic Development Zone in Hefei city, this urban community will offer more than one million sqm of living space. As part of the design, an “East-West” oriented green belt is formed to provide a landmark open space for this new community, promoting the idea of “living within the park”. Local construction methods and materials have been used. By maximisng the geography potential, terrains have been formed which allow the ground plane to be elevated. Traffic is therefore redirected to underground, enabling vehicular-free “garden extension” design concept. The project occupies five plots. With a total site area of 428,000sqm, and construction area of 1,450,000sqm, the development will comprise of residential, retail, clubhouses, schools, kindergartens and parks.

Our Services

Design Architect, Architectural Consultant

Project Size

GFA: 145,000,000sqm

Date of Completion



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