SOHO China Headquarters

Beijing, China

The headquarters for SOHO China, one of China’s most dynamic developers, is situated at the heart of the mixed-use Chaowai SOHO and retail complex in Beijing.

Having previously collaborated with SOHO on a number of occasions, L&O was given free rein to create a looser fit and less traditionally corporate looking project.

On three levels, the offices are connected by a series of timber stairs finished in tongue and groove boarding.

The stencilled metal screens at the reception area have an intriguing pattern, conceived by renowned graphic designer, Lilian Tang, to illustrate the Chinese concept of ‘Chi’. By following daylight patterns, this screen casts a variety of shadows of flowing water and rock that wash over and energise the interior. To augment this, similar patterned etched-glass division partitions and hand-woven carpet were used to further embellish the overall internal environment.


Interior Design




SOHO China