South Horizons Station, MTR South Island Line (East)

Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

South Horizons Station is the terminus station of South Island Line (East), located on Ap Lei Chau Island, serving the South Horizons and Ap Lei Chau Estate residences. The colour green is selected as part of MTR’s railway development strategy, and artworks are also featured throughout the station.

Currently, the station is situated below Yi Nam Road, and one of the key challenges was the design of station facilities, due to it being constrained by existing South Horizons developments. To overcome this, areas of the station was lowered to avoid disruption to the existing structure and utility services. To control the size of the entrances adjacent to the residential tower and the limited area below ground, plant rooms of South Horizons Stations were strategically located within the station and a two-storey building above ground at the end of Yi Nam Road.

Community connection is also a crucial design element. To strengthen ties with the local community, children from the local schools were invited to design the mosaic mural on the platform level. Secondly, across the entrances, glass façade are used with design patterns reminiscent of nearby South Horizons tower. Since the station is designed to serve the local community, the entrances were strategically located at Precious Blood School, adjacent to Ap Lei Chau Estates’ Block 19 and Block 33a.


Architectural Designer


CFA: 6,000sqm




MTR Corporation