Theme Park in Dong Dai He

Liaoning, China

Dong Dai He theme park is located on a 9.8sqkm site in Suizhong, a northern city of mainland China along Bohai Sea. It is designed to create a sustainable tourism city by connecting the Past to the Present, Living Space to Touristic Sites, New Development and Heritage Conservation. Our goal is to breathe lives to this new economic zone of Dongdaihe by injecting tourism attractions to activate the local economy.

“The Garden under the Great Wall” is the backbone concept of this project. Emphasising on both habitability and tourism, a landmark “grand ski park” has been introduced at the heart of the master plan, this active spine of all-year-round attractions connects both community space and touristic activities.

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Project Size

GFA: 18,256,900sqm

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Beijing Prosperity Energytec Company Limited