Thrill Mountain, Ocean Park Summit

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Thrill Mountain offers a dynamic, high-energy, adrenaline rush for park guests seeking a little “kick”. The land is imagined as a contemporary boardwalk – borrowing the eclectic mix of unique food and variety of ride experiences once found in classic, seaside resorts, updated and re-imagined by adding a layer of popular youth culture.

Thrill Mountain creates a space for guests to challenge each other for “high scores” on their favourite interactive games, work up the courage to experience the rush of the “front car” on the hyper-coaster and share a quick snack with special friends – reflecting the spirit, exhilaration and energy of urban youth while creating special memories for a new generation of guests.

Our Services

Project Architect, Authorized Person, Lead Consultant

Project Size

GFA: 28,100sqm

Date of Completion



Ocean Park Corporation


2013 International Property Awards (Asia Pacific) – Highly Commended Leisure Architecture Hong Kong
2012 MIPIM Asia Special Jury Award