Tian Zi Yi Hao, Lake City

Xi'an, China

Located on the north side of the historical lake of Qujiang, Tian Zi Yi Hao is the latest addition of Lake City where Tian Yu, Tian Jing & Tian Xi are already under way. The project is divided into 4 major zones according to their building heights and functions – low-density & low-rise row houses, low-rise SOHO apartments with neighborhood commercials, low-rise residential, and highrise residential. The zones are then organized around a major green belt and a minor waterway among the five building rows. Both of these features are located to maximize the view towards the lake and to create various community spaces. This layering strategy is also used on the building elevations, particularly with the way the materials and the colors are chosen to bring visual depth to the facades. Similar to the other sites, most of the vehicular traffic is located underground. The result is a spacious podium garden connected by a network of pedestrian friendly pathways with stunning views towards the scenic Qujiang.

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GFA: 252,149sqm

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