Tower H

Shenzhen, China

“Tower H” is a hybrid building with a blended programme of retail, serviced apartment, hotel, residential apartment, villas and a clubhouse.

Situated between a low-rise development on top of an existing metro maintenance depot to the east and a major boulevard to the west, the form of Tower H frames the doorway between Qianhai district and Shenzhen City.

The southern tower consisted of residential apartments and eight units of sky villas at the top. Whereas a 17-storey serviced apartment fills up the lower portion of the northern tower, a 250-room boutique hotel and a prestigious sky club occupy the upper portion. Through an exclusive driveway and elevated hotel drop-off area on podium deck level, an intriguing spatial journey starts from the ground winding to the sky lounge at L34. This lobby lounge is linked to the sky club, featuring a restaurant in a floating glass box, an indoor swimming pool and rooftop garden. The club spans across a 50m long sky bridge, in turn, it brings in spectacular vistas of Qianhai and also forms an amalgamated gesture for the district.

Our Services

Architectural Consultant

Project Size

GFA: 78,700sqm

Date of Completion

2023 (anticipated)