Union Hospital Phase II

Shatin, Hong Kong

The Phase II extension of the Union Hospital includes an additional four floors built on top of the existing hospital, with the necessary associated works on the lower hospital floors. The extension occupies a total floor area of 6,000sqm and accommodates 100 extra beds, a day centre for patients undergoing minor surgery, consulting rooms for specialists and offices.

The extension is also the home of the state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery centre. The new extension was designed by L&O in collaboration with RBL for interior design and AGC for façade design. The design of the physical spaces and the construction process demanded creativity and innovation because the existing hospital operation could not be compromised during the project.

L&O has been retained for further works to the hospital, which include a Cyclotron facility (2008), plastic centre and conference facility (2009), TFS for additional Block 4 (2010), Green Café (2010), Maternity Ward Extension (2012), and MEI (2013).

Our Services

Design Architect, Executive Architect

Project Size

CFA: 6,000sqm

Date of Completion



Union Medical Centre Ltd.


2008 Quality Building Award - Merit Award (Innovation)