Visual Corridor Artwork at Victoria Dockside

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The project is located in the New World Centre Tsim Sha Tsui, sits next to the L’Avenue des Stars facing the Victoria Harbour. This Visual Corridor is the major urban link connecting pedestrians from Salisbury Road on the north to the waterfront promenade of the L’Avenue des Stars on the south, approximately 100m long and 40m wide, with K11 Musea Shopping Mall and luxurious flag ship stores on one side, and Rosewood Hotel and K11 Atelier on the other.

The visual corridor is more than a thoroughfare, it is also a public space that needs to be celebrated. We have created a piece of art covering an area of 4,000sqm on the ceiling – a formation of undulating triangular geometries with different shades of which the inspiration has been drawn from the sea wave forms echoing the Victoria Harbour at its south end. The design is to demonstrate the co-existence of homogeneity and heterogeneity, and tries to find the link between the opposites: it is a descriptive space which addresses the HUSTLE of Salisbury Road against the OPENNESS of the waterfront; it balances the visual transition between BRIGHT daylight exterior and under SHADE corridor; it is an extension of the INTERIOR design language, bringing the experience to the OUTDOOR. It is this ceiling art that harmonizes and unifies the space with diverse facades on the two long sides.

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