Wanshi Road Station TOD Integrated Design

Chengdu, China

The TOD Project of Wanshi Road station is located in the north of the Maopi River and the south of Xingcheng Avenue in Xindu District, Chengdu. It covers an area of 235,843sqm, with a total GFA of 471,680sqm. Wanshi Road Station is the fourth phase of the metro construction planning line27. In order to arrange the complex mix-used program, the design strategy is to create a vertical three-dimensional development from ground space to underground space to improve land use efficiency.

The design theme echoes the Chengdu’s culture of slow living, creating a low-density community life circle and providing a convenient neighborhood. In order to connect different functional space rationally, a neighborhood axis and a commercial axis is created. The commercial axis starts from the metro station, extending south to the park and north to the commercial complex. On the neighborhood axis, it is arranged east-west and with various community facilities such as culture, sports, and child care arranged along the way to create a diverse community experience. Respecting to the urban form, the buildings are arranged in such a way so as to maximize the scenic view on the south, and also the low-density enclosed layout creates a high-quality green community. The design brings in a green, ecological, healthy and high-quality lifestyle to the community, balancing in the bustling TOD development.

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GFA: 471,680sqm

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