Yongan Guofu HZ-WJ Corporate Headquarters

Hangzhou, China

This project is located within the core zone of the District Master Plan; sitting on the major green axis, and is embraced by various public and cultural facilities. Our design vision is to distil the site characteristics and develop a tailor-made solution for this headquarters landmark on the green belt. With a view to drawing the surrounding landscape feature into the architecture, the building block has been elevated to sit on stilts, and the ground plane has then been totally freed up for the public. Via a series of gardens from the basement to the ground, and feature escalators, the corporate members coming in from the metro station are readily directed to the elevated main lobby on the second floor overlooking the magnificent city view. An atrium space has been punched in the middle of the building through all floors connecting the green axis on the ground and the garden on roof. This space lights up the long span office space and promotes communication and interaction between different departmants. “Simplicity” is the key to the architectural form. A perfect cubic form decorated with fish-scale like façade represents a “Traditional Treasure Box”, standing out from the organic green axis and the irregularity of the neighbour buildings. All in all, the architecture is antithesis to conventional work space – this is a design to demonstrate how work space can be more livable.

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GFA: 40,000sqm

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