Design Integration

We have developed a number of tools and protocols to integrate sustainability into our work. This is an ongoing process to keep us in line with pioneering knowledge at international level.

Design Reviews
Through continuous reviews on design, sustainability as one of our core values, is fully integrated into our projects together with our developed in-house Sustainability Design Framework. Reviews on sustainable and environmental design is initiated at early stage and continued at different subsequent stages to ensure a thorough integration and realization of sustainability. Constructive and critical comments and knowledge gained from the reviews are widely shared.

Climate Science &
Responsive Simulations

Our projects are based on scientific understanding and simulations of solar path, daylighting and aerodynamics. These methodologies guide us to better environmentally responsive designs in terms of massing, composition, orientation, spatial hierarchy, and building envelope.

Research & Case Studies
Our work is underpinned by research knowledge. Our sustainability team is continuously engaged in researching emerging and cutting edge sustainable technologies, material, design trends and worlds matters on sustainability. This research outcome is presented and shared through in-house seminars or publication series ‘Humans of the Quarry’.