People & Planet

L&O is an inclusive studio environment which offer equal opportunities to all staff. Diversity is our strength as well as our source of creativity and innovation. Our teams include design talents of different genders, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, national or ethnic origin, religious belief, and family status.

Architecture is a people-business after all. It is our life-long mission to nurture an environment building on trust and mutual respect. We offer equal opportunities to all staff in the form of recruitment, internal transfer, training and promotion, and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. L&O received the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Green Office Awards for five consecutive years and recognised as Caring Company since 2013. Alongside with the Health & Well-being initiative, L&O also received Eco-Healthy Awards Labelling Scheme in 2017.

Engaging L&O staff in the sustainability initiatives is the key to practicing our beliefs and obligation towards Climate Change. L&O design office has been relocated multiple times throughout our long history of service. We pay close attention to the environmental impact on material selection and take proactive actions to minimise our carbon footprint when we move. The Living Studio in our previous office at Dorset house, received platinum level of Hong Kong BEAM Interior certification. Learn more about our achievement at the HKGBC online exhibition HERE.

As a community that cares about the planet, L&O office adopted a smart energy system in efficiently utilising our resources. For example, light would be turned off automatically at 8pm every day. Manual controls would extend the lighting provision for two hours per activation according to the working zones.